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After their breakup Demi went on to date Wilmer Valderama and Joe Jonas just got engaged to Sophie Turner of Game Of Thrones.

Jake Short is a well known for his Disney XD series and very popular with the ladies and known to date his cast mates. Farm" as well as Piper Cruda from the TV series "I Didn't Do It" Phil of the Future was a hit Disney TV show where Ullman played a boy from the future who lived with Michalka in her present world.

So many stars have gotten their start in the Disney Channel, some of them might surprise you.

Did you know Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling were all on the Mickey Mouse club as kids? We have watched Miley Cyrus go from Hannah Montana to Miley the rockstar icon, and The Jonas Brothers have grown up in front of our eyes.

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Monster" while Luke Benward played many roles on different Disney shows like, "Good Luck Charlie," and "Girl Meets World." The duo met on the film, "GIrl Vs.

She was on a Disney show called "Wizards Of Waverly Place" and starred alongside on screen brother David Henrie, the two had quite the romance before she left to pursue superstardom.

Back when Miley was still Hannah Montana and Nick Jonas was still the little brother of The Jonas Brothers on Camp Rock, Miley and Nick were quite the "thing" the two made a Disney musically talented child actor dream, too bad it didn't last forever.

These roles launched them into superstardom and their romance was on the front page of the news where everyone watched them fall in love and eventually breakup Both Joe and Demi played major roles in the Camp Rock movies on Disney Channel.

Joe was known for his band The Jonas Brothers but Demi was an unknown rising star.

Ullman was reunited with his TV sister Pim (Amy Bruckner) on Nov. The 24-year-old actress uploaded an adorable pic to Instagram of her and Ullman cheesin' it up.

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