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“To the couples out there experiencing this obstacle in their wedding planning journey, I hope you can take solace in the fact that you’re not alone,” says celebrity wedding planner Matthew David Hopkins.“Millions of couples have gone through—or are going through—this difficult stage in the planning process, and have gotten over this hurdle.” Stressing over who should get a plus-one on your special day?If your relationship is on the outs or you would actually rather go solo, just inform the couple when you reply.And if the invitation says “and guest,” be sure to list your guest’s name (if you are bringing one) in your reply.2.Choose the Plus-One Even if a plus-one has been named or offered on your invitation, be sure you actually want them to attend before you RSVP.

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Navigating wedding plus-one etiquette for your big day is no easy feat.“Your wedding is—and can be—different from theirs,” says Hopkins.“They may not be happy with your decision at first, so it may be best to communicate and explain why you made the decision you did.” Most importantly, work extra hard on your seating chart to ensure those attending your wedding stag are seated with someone they know, or at a table filled with personalities who will make them feel comfortable and welcome.7.Do Not Swap In a New Guest at the Last Minute If your plus-one backs out just before the big day or you break up with your significant other before the wedding, that’s not an open invitation to invite someone new at the last minute, particularly if the original guest was named on the invitation.As the wedding date draws near, the couple has most likely finalized place cards and carefully thought out the seating arrangement, so a surprise guest (even if the couple has the headcount to accommodate) can be met with frustration.3.That’s sure to create a more communal feel to the event, and it’ll help them meet people organically.

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