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To my taste buds delight, I return to her black pussy again.A long lick this time, my tongue is covered in her sweet pussy juice. I move closer and my nostrils fill with the intense smell of a beautiful black pussy.Licking my lips, I move down and I get my first experience of kissing her silky, smooth skin, just on her pelvic bone.

"Mmm, I can taste me on you," she says with a naughty look in her eye, "time for me to show you my skills." ...

To be continued (part 1 is below) Please leave a comment or message me your thoughts This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.

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She let's out a loud moan just as the tip of my tongue flicks off of her clit.

I continue to enjoy every millimetre of her delicious pussy. Switching between tongue fucking her, sucking her full lips and flicking her clit.

Any recorded footage found online of this live stream taken down with a DMCA notice.

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