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"Television and media normalised the practice of almost edifying 'cougars'," says Wyne.There are two fundamental problems with this label: a) it tends to portray the woman as the initiator, maybe even a sexual predator and b) in doing so, affords little agency to the other person in the relationship - the man.It was in one such caf in Mumbai that Mona Srivastava (name changed)would meet Bala Jain.Mona, new to the world of emails, had just opened her first Hotmail account and often found herself struggling to remember how it worked.He is a human resources professional, and hence, his people skills are way more evolved than mine.So, if there is any conflict fostering in my personal or professional life, I find myself turning to him for advice." This, however, may not be the case always.

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With the 2001 book Cougar: A Guide For Older Women Dating Younger Men, the term 'cougar' was etched in popular imagination as it came to define the idea of a woman in her 40s seeking a physical relationship with a much younger man.However, in comparison, there are fewer men in that age group who are single." The templates may not have changed radically for men.Most men are not rushed into marriages, and neither do they have to factor in a biological clock that might be ticking.Today, this very quest for financial independence sees women 'delaying' marriages, even relationships, to pursue careers. Iyer, a New Delhi-based journalist, explains, "Twelve years ago, when I met my husband - then boyfriend - I was 32 and he was 29.I don't think 20 years ago, there would have been too many women who were single or unattached at that age.The feminist movement of the '60s saw women across the world stepping out of their prescribed domestic roles to seek financial independence.

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