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The central story line revolves around the interactions between Foamy and Germaine and, on occasion, their relationships with other characters.

The story starts off with Germaine sitting in front of a computer typing away, while Foamy remains a constant distraction in the background and has occasionally contemplated suicide.

Having changed over to You Tube, Mathers was able to provide viewers with a feed to subscribe to more episodes (both current and past episodes), as well as limiting his overall monthly bill, thus making site maintenance easier.

Most of the strips were single-panel format, with the occasional entry in two or three panels.

However, in later episodes, Germaine discusses the idea of clothing being used to objectify women and expresses dismay with this trend, though it eventually becomes part of her character. After a journey of self-discovery, Germaine eventually ends up in the same general cycle she was in before.

She finds herself in opposition to various issues regarding women and even blaming these issues for causing people to accept such degrading roles in life.

These themes become the premise for both the main story arc, as well as the development of the characters themselves.

Both depict a goth girl named Germaine and her neurotic pet squirrel, Foamy.To date, there are over 200 official episodes of Neurotically Yours.There are also a number of fan-produced episodes circulated among various fan sites on the Internet.Germaine makes attempts to reform her character and personality, including changing her hair and getting breast-reduction surgery.Despite Mathers's claims however, not long after the reboot the series began to return to the original style, relying heavily on jokes and content derived on Germaine's sexuality.As time goes on, Germaine becomes the subject of men's attention, while becoming increasingly more comfortable in her own body.

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