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Marriott has done a stupendous job making sure that my preferences are a priority.

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command prints the amount of memory reserved by the game to the console.

This is given in the standard Java way with a single-character suffix if required, where K is kibibytes, M is mebibytes and G is gibibytes.

When one logs out, all entered commands will be deleted and cannot be retrieved.

Player and Forum Moderators have no additional access to console commands; they only have access to the standard player commands, as the console is primarily only for Jagex Moderator usage.

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Plus, we'll give you hints and tips to help you improve your driving, so you can save even more at renewal.but was only made available to players with the release of Z-buffering on 15 September 2010.It may, according to Jagex, "prove useful in tracking down the cause of more technical issues with the client on your computer." You can view a list of commands by typing either is on the same key, on some keyboards.Typing in the alt-key code for "²" (Alt 0178) will also open the console.If you find yourself unable to close it, try holding [shift] while pressing any of these buttons, or using the [Alt gr] key. At the moment, the developer console can only be used with English keyboard layout (the extended version will not work), however you can open the console on non-English keyboards by using the on-screen keyboard program.If you continue to use this site, we’ll assume that you’re happy to receive all cookies.

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