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Leg lengthening involves bone pain - screws implanted and bones cut apart and deliberately pulled apart a little every day for months. Constant exams are required, constant use of antibiotics, constant vigilance and maintenance of the insertion sites for the full-blown tackle box of hardware that has to be worn on the exterior and twisted wider daily.

That doesn't even include the bill for all of that crap - because it is ELECTIVE surgery.

Unfortunately though, if their was a screen-out for height, too many short woman would still screen out men taller than them because they aren't tall enough. Apparently I am taking a tall guy out of the dating pool that is meant for taller women. Again, I don’t see much similarity between height and weight. Weight can reflect lifestyle, although it may be because of other physical or mental health issues that are beyond a person’s control. Possibly, with a lot of work, and I have been working on it but it has been anything but easy, sometimes it feels downright impossible. And a little "strategery" -- of What you eat, and not just calorie counting. Food is an addiction, and so are types of foods we deal with.

If we are using that logic then we can say for every short guy their is a short woman. I'm going to ask again, why is it any different than guys not dating overweight average women? I don’t think all overweight people are lazy, but obesity can be caused by a sedentary lifestyle and a poor eating habits. Going by clinical standards, yeah they certainly can. He'll need a lot to make up for that when it comes to gals he doesn't know. It's changing the diet (not necessarily strictly calorie counting). It takes a while to break that mold and change our thirsts.

They tend to take it out on other people and thrive on power trips.

Shouting at others, especially when they are in a position of power, is common.

Just like guys not wanting to date overweight women is preference. I think maybe being short might lead to whining about being short, which might lead to women adjusting their preferences as well.^^^ Yeah, it might be a preference but there’s no need to spread the false assumption that all short men have shit attitudes and are nippy little pricks.

Height has nothing to do with whether a guy acts like a jerk.

The difference in cosmetic procedures between leg lengthening, breast implants or bariatric surgery isn't even a comparison.

If routines and regimens are not done correctly and weight gain comes back further down the the line, the procedure can be repeated if needed.

Some insurances are being allocated to help pay for the procedure, because it CAN be a life-or-death kind of decision.

The woman becomes the evil crazy ex trying to steal all YOUR hard earned money. I had no idea how tall he is until interest and contact had already been established. Do you think I am crying over all the men I swiped right on who did not swipe right on me? One you can control without any magic tricks required, one you can't -- even trying magical powers.

My profile shows full length photos but I also list my height and weight so he was well aware that I am only 5'2". Or who showed disinterest when I tried to chat them up somewhere? :)I do, I've heard in the dating world they both tend to be negatives. You can't magically snap your fingers and become Cinderella and lose 200 pounds when you want to.

Breast implants have pain, but the procedures are extremely quick and recovery is very short.

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